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Issues with your water heater are never fun. While still a serious nuisance, it’s one thing for your water heater to simply stop being effective one day, but it’s another thing entirely to experience a water heater emergency like a burst or a leak.

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Unfortunately, when it comes to water heaters, a leak or burst isn’t something you can just quickly patch up and be on your way. In fact, it means you’re going to need an entirely new water heater, period. At Red Rooter, we’re here to tell you exactly what to do about your water heater emergency; but first, let’s look at what may have caused it.

What Causes Water Heater Emergencies?

Sediments in the Tank – Naturally, the water that comes into your water heater will have some level of minerals in it. As your water heats and evaporates, some of these minerals can be left behind as sediment. This is largely normal, but over time, it can take longer to heat up your water. In turn, this can lead to too much pressure in your tank, resulting in a burst.

Additionally, sediment can trap heat underneath itself, creating hotspots. These hotspots can continue to get hotter and hotter, eventually weakening the walls of your tank and causing it to spring a leak. To prevent this, sediment buildup in your water heater should be flushed a few times a year. Contact Red Rooter today for more information on this service!

Corroded Anode Rod – Unfortunately, water heater tanks can be corrosion magnets. Typically, modern water heaters include a glass layer lining on the inside of the tank that is designed to prevent this from occurring. On occasion, corrosion can still break through this layer and get to the tank. Because of this, the anode rod was created.

The sole function of the anode rod is to protect the water heater tank from corrosion. For this reason, it is made of a metal that actually attracts corrosive elements to it, preventing them from affecting key parts of your tank. Over time, the anode rod takes a beating. That’s why it’s recommended that you have this part replaced at least once every five years or so. Contact Red Rooter today to learn more!

Too Much Pressure – If the temperature of your water heater gets too high (anything above 140 degrees), this can drastically increase pressure in your tank. Should this ever happen, your water heater tank is equipped with a temperature relief valve that will open up to help alleviate the pressure.

Still, this valve can fail, potentially leading to explosive bursts that cause damage to both your home and your body if you happen to be nearby. Be sure to test your pressure relief valve every now and then to ensure that it is working properly. If it isn’t, don’t wait to contact Red Rooter for assistance as soon as possible.

Red Rooter is Here to Help

The importance of catching potential water heater leaks and burst risks early cannot be understated. At Red Rooter, our professionally trained technicians will do everything we can to ensure that your equipment is safe and ready for use.

Should you ever encounter the need for emergency water heater repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for assistance. We are more than happy to help, and we’re always here for you!




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