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24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service in Palm Beach County including West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton, and Port Saint Lucie - Call the plumbing experts at Red Rooter when an unexpected plumbing emergency strikes, no matter the time or day.

What Is Considered A Plumbing Emergency?

There are plumbing issues that simply cannot be ignored. An overflowing toilet, a clogged sink, a pipe leak, a blocked sewer line, or a broken water heater can all cost a homeowner hundreds of additional dollars if not fixed immediately. You not only lose comfort within the home, you can also be left with water-damaged floors and walls, an unhealthy environment, and discolored stains on the ceiling.

Deciding if you need to call for Emergency 24/7 Plumbing during the night, on weekends or holidays can be difficult. But, if you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following plumbing issues, then you should call Red Rooter before a plumbing problem turns into a plumbing disaster.

All of these are considered a plumbing emergency, and if you know where your home’s main gas and water shut-off valves are located, you can shut off any additional flow until help arrives. If you can visually see a pipe leaking, capture the water flow with a bucket or waterproof container if possible.

Next, call Red Rooter Emergency Plumbing Services.

Why don't I have any hot water?

First, you may want to check if the circuit breaker that feeds the water heater has tripped. Your water heater is needed for the hot water it takes to shower, bathe, or wash clothes and dishes. So, to be without a hot water heater for more than 24 hours is considered an emergency. While most water heaters are set to warm water up to between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, a faulty thermostat or a faulty thermocouple (that controls the flame in a gas-powered water heater) may be the blame.

Of course, if you’ve had your water heater for 10 years or more, then it may be at the end of its life-cycle and needs to be replaced.

What should I do if my sink is clogged?

For any sinks in the home, it is best to call a plumber when you notice the water is draining slowly. Not only is a slow drain annoying, but it may be a sign of a larger problem. If you’ve poured boiling hot water down a kitchen sink to dissolve any grease and you’ve plunged your slow draining sinks to dislodge any paper or food – and you still have a clog, then it would be better to call for an emergency plumber from Red Rooter and avoid using caustic chemicals.

Using chemical drain cleaners to cut through grease and food more can damage drain pipes. When strong chemicals are used regularly and over a period of time, the inner walls of some pipes may corrode and need to be replaced.

Does Red Rooter offer night plumbing services?

It is simply the nature of plumbing problems to occur when you least expect them, like in the middle of the night. Actually, it’s more likely that the plumbing problem started days ago, but wasn’t noticed until the evening when everyone settles in from work or school, or the next morning. But, when you need a plumber that’s available now, then you need Red Rooter 24/7 plumbing service.

Red Rooter 24/7 Plumbing Services

Call Red Rooter 24/7 emergency plumbing services to protect your home from further damage due to water or sewage overflows. It doesn’t matter if you have a clogged drain or a flooded basement, our operators are waiting to answer your call and respond quickly with expert local plumbers in Palm Beach County that you can trust.

Red Rooter will always have a licensed plumber on-call, so we can quickly respond to your every plumbing emergency!

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